These resources should help get you started with learning about and using statistical data analysis tools.



JMP is a great resource because it is versatile and the company offers customized versions for almost any profession.  This software is also popular with Six Sigma.


This is free software for statistical computing and graphics.  It requires you to learn a bit of code specific to the program, but it’s well worth your time and easy to use.  Here are directions for installing R on your computer.  For help using R, check out R Tutorial and Rseek.  Also, the Georgia R School has courses available.


Minitab is statistical software focused on quality improvement.  It is widely used in the field of process improvement and Six Sigma.


Data Cleaning

Time Conversion – Updated 8/25



Robbery Series

The Netflix Grand Prize

Koren – The Bellkor Solution to the Netflix Grand Prize

Toscher and Jahrer – The BigChaos Solution to the Netflix Grand Prize

Piotte and Chabbert – The Pragmatic Theory solution to the Netflix Grand Prize


Crime Analysis Papers

Predictive Analytics Crime Mapping

Battlespace Awareness DIJ

Law Enforcement Intelligence

Assessing Responses to Problems

Community-Based Planning



Lean Leadership


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